Many people find the idea of becoming a freelancer very appealing. You can work from home, and take on as much or as little work as you like. Getting started as a freelance writer however can be difficult. If you are new to the scene it is hard to win business because nobody knows who you are or what your writing ability is like.
Here is one way to do it (there are others but this one seems to work well!)
1. Write a sample article to show to prospective clients. Make sure it is the best you can do. Spend time perfecting it and making sure that it is grammatically correct.
2. Go over to the Warrior forum and post a WSO (a Warrior Special Offer) advertising your service. Offer a really attractive rate to get people to try you out and include your sample article within the advert so that people can see that you write to a decent standard. I would suggest a price of around $1 for every 100 words as a starting point. That should get you some initial clients.
3. Once you have completed some orders get testimonials from your clients. If they are happy with the work you produce they should be more than willing to do this.
4. Relist your WSO, this time including the testimonials.
5. After a few weeks send a follow-up email to your previous clients asking if they have any more work for you. A lot of the people you write for will always be in need of content and will have plenty of work for you.
6. Set yourself up with a website. Give plenty of samples and include some details about yourself and your initial experience.
7. Rinse and repeat. Each time you do this you will be gaining new clients and building a relationship with your existing ones. Over time you should find that your reputation builds (assuming of course that you produce good quality work) and as it does you can begin to charge more money.
There are of course other ways of getting started as a freelance writer. Sites such as Elance can also offer a fruitful way of getting freelance work, but I hope that this article has given you some food for thought.
Being a freelance writer can be hard work but it can also be extremely rewarding. For many people it provides an easy way of making money online, even if it is just as a way of funding your other business activities.