Vice President Mike Pence issued the strongest warnings possible against travel to parts of Italy and South Korea. He also said people didn’t need to buy surgical masks for protection.

The U.S.’s first fatality from the coronavirus was a man in his 50s, Washington State health officials said. The state might be dealing with a potential outbreak of the virus at a health facility that cares for elderly, vulnerable patients after two people at the facility were diagnosed. Another 27 residents have shown respiratory symptoms, as have 25 staff members.

The FDA took steps to speed laboratory tests for the virus as unexplained infections in three states, including Washington, suggested the disease is spreading on the west coast. Italy became the first non-Asian nation to top 1,000 confirmed cases.

More events were scrapped or delayed around the world, from a Paris race to a Riviera property conference to a Greek economic forum. The NCAA is being pressured to play March Madness without fans.

Key Developments

• First U.S. death confirmed in Washington State as governor declares emergency

• U.S. issues strong warnings on Italy, South Korea travel. French cases spike

• Confirmed cases worldwide pass 85,000; deaths top 2,900

• New York won U.S. approval to conduct its own tests

• Chinese manufacturing fell to record in February