Network Marketing: The 3 MLM Companies That Can Earn You Decent Money NOW


Let’s face it – there are thousands of MLM and network marketing companies out there – and the goal of most of them is to build up a pyramid scheme where the big fish (the ones on top) are the only ones who earn. This frustrates and demotivates people who are eager to work their way up on the scale. In the same time, it makes choosing the right network marketing company very difficult.

Thanks to user reviews, experiences and online testimonials – however – the mission of finding the perfect MLM company for making money online is a lot simpler. However, starting a career in network marketing is not what you may expect. That is why before considering any MLM company, you should always ask yourself these questions

  • Can I make money with it?
  • Does the product look promising – and do I believe in it?
  • Are there people making decent money from it?

Once you get your positive answers on the following questions, you can start in the world of network marketing. And if you haven’t figured out some opportunities yet, today we are listing the 5 best online MLM (network marketing) companies.

1. Empower Network

It’s safe to say that Empower Network is one of the giants out there -and a MLM company that is easy to work in. Why?

Well, this network  doesn’t follow the traditional path of network marketing. Instead, it is more of an affiliate company with a multi level payout as the best way to describe it. Since 2011, Empower Network expanded and grew a lot – all thanks to the satisfied agents and the growing need for their products.

With products priced at $100, $500, $1000 and even $3500, the best thing about Empower Network is that it offers a 100% commission. The products are basically training materials – helping users around the world to polish their skills and take their careers to the next level (and in the same time doing the same for you).

2. INFINii

Once upon a time named DS Domination, INFINii was the main rival to Empower Network – in fact, a step ahead of them at all times. The reason for that has always been the simplicity of money making through this network marketing scheme. For that, many people consider INFINii to be the best MLM company to work with.

This has a lot to do with the fact that you don’t have to sponsor or generate traffic in order to make money with INFINii. All that you need to do is open a simple account on eBay and start listing all the items you can find on Amazon for cheaper. Whenever a customer buys the items listed by you on eBay, you go to Amazon, place the order and have your customers shipping address.

Without any advanced computer skills on demand or practical training before starting out, INFINii can set you ready to rock in less than a day. Without phone calls, home parties or  the need for generating traffic – it definitely sets network marketing on a new level which can be best defined as automated dropshipping.

3. Digital Altitude

The reason why Digital Altitude makes a spot on the list is simple – they have it all sorted out for you, without any technical knowledge or experience from your side. The best way to explain the model behind this MLM company is as the ultimate franchise that has all the marketing efforts, products and sales funnels done for you – you only need to take them and make the best of them.

When it comes to commissions, Digital Altitude is a network marketing company that is very generous. In fact, you can get paid up to $10,000 in one shot! However, the reason why Digital Altitude is for many the undisputed leader in network marketing is the coaching that it provides to all clients looking to grow their income.

Testing Digital Altitude for 14 days costs only a dollar – which is a great opportunity cost to consider and see why the platform works and how it changed the lives of many people.

Now that you know our top 3 picks, let’s answer some more of your potential questions.

How Much Time And Money Does It Cost To Succeed At Network Marketing?

If you are wondering what kind of sacrifice would network marketing take from your side, it is all as simple as a single sign-up. The best thing about online MLM companies is the fact that they have it all sorted out – the products, the marketing and the materials – it is only up to you to make use of it.

And although some people invest money in advertisements or potentially target people while spending some budget, network marketing can also be done in your circle of close friends at first. The reason that many people actually start successful network marketing part-time – is a reason that answers the question about the time needed for running this type of business.

Just like that, there were and always will be network marketing companies that prove to make you thousands of dollars. However, the reality is not like that all the time – and success with network marketing can be only achieved with hard work and dedication.

So, until you find the best MLM company out there, make sure to avoid the companies that are offering too-good-to-be-real plans, ones that over promise and ones that focus on recruitment over product selling. Choose a program or product that you would want to sell and one that is needed on the market.

We wish you tons of luck in your network marketing journey!